Svendborg and the SDG's 

Using the Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for local development 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) were unanimously adopted by the UN member states in 2015. The SDGs are the common agenda of the countries of the world for a sustainable future.
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Because the SDGs are a well-thought-out plan for sustainability, they can also serve as an excellent framework for sustainable development in local communities. Furthermore, they have the advantage that they are THE officially recognised agenda for a sustainable future.
Based on this line of thought, IAED, AWE (Association for World Education) and the association Verdensmålsby Svendborg have started a partnership to create the basis for cooperation for a sustainable future in Svendborg Municipality. The best foundation for this is connecting private companies, public organisations and voluntary associations (NGOs) in Svendborg. The first step is to inform about the SDGs and assess the status in Svendborg. We ask companies, public organisations and NGOs about their evaluation. And not least, we ask what they do and what they could do. We have received financial and other support for this from Svendborg Municipality.
In the future, the plan is to implement similar projects in other local communities in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe and the world.
We have held several meetings/seminars about the SDGs and have created a database where we map the organisations' assessments and actions. This database is publicly available as a tool for collaboration and analysis. See the database here:


Verdensmålsby Svendborg

Verdensmålsby Svendborg has been working for some years to ensure that Svendborg takes ownership of the 17 SDGs. They work with knowledge, mindset and action in Svendborg city and Svendborg Municipality. See more: VERDENSMÅLSBY SVENDBORG


Association for World Education (AWE)

AWE is an international NGO established in 1970. The members work with education, public education, democracy and intercultural activities worldwide in 29 countries. Since 1975, AWE has had representative status at the UN in New York, participating in the annual 'NGO-summits' and conferences. AWE International is governed by a council: Presidency. AWE's international UN Committee oversees the communication between members and the organizations of the UN network.

International Academy for Education and Democracy (IAED)

IAED has worked with democracy, public education, sustainability, etc., in all parts of the world for the last 20 years. ABOUT IAED

Mapping, database and debate

The project has three parts:
1) Mapping the status and ideas related to the SDGs. 2) Registration of the results in our public database. 3) Public debates and events.
Based on our mapping of the local community and information from "VIRK", the public overview of registered organisations, we get information about private companies, public organisations and civil society organisations. We interview the organisations about their views on the status of the SDGs in the local community and about what they are doing themselves.
We ask about opportunities for collaboration with other organisations and describe the organisations' purposes and products.
The results of the interviews are available in our database:  SVENDBORG DATABASE
Here you can see the individual organizations, but above all, you can compare them for each of the 17 SDGs and identify opportunities for collaboration.
Based on this work, we regularly organize public meetings to present results and discuss and identify opportunities for developing a more sustainable Svendborg Municipality.


Svendborg Municipality is located on the southern part of the island Funen in Denmark and also includes the islands of Tåsinge, Thurø, Drejø, Hjortø and Skarø, as well as several smaller islands. The municipality has just over 59,000 inhabitants, of which just over 27,000 live in the town of Svendborg.

Svendborg Municipality has contributed to this project - and you can find more information at SVENDBORG KOMMUNE

Svendborg Municipalitys climate action plan with its catalogue of interventions can be seen here: SVENDBORG KLIMAHANDLEPLAN

Svendborg Municipality has developed a strategy for sustainability that can be found at  SVENDBORG BÆREDYGTIGHEDSSTRATEGI

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