The great challenge of today is the re-invention of democracy. The political institutions that provide our framework were created before globalization, information- and communications technologies and the growing local diversity.


Our mission is to contribute to the development and dissemination of multilayered democracy at local, state, continental and global levels. Our expertise is the development, design and execution of innovative education.


Legitimate, transparent and efficient democratic governance is essential to take advantage of the growth, creativity and technologies that globalization has provided - and to deal with challenges such as climate change and social inequality.


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"It is really a very exciting game and all enjoyed playing it" (Indian Univ. Prof.)


Arab Danish Democracy Academy 2007 with the Danish Foreign Minister

Globalizations connects all - US crisis leads to problems everywhere. IAED creates learning on global frameworks

Democracy game

The Multilayered Democracy Edu-game is a dialogue tool where participants relate to challenges of everyday life, to political institutions and participation at all levels. Participants learn how to relate to governance levels, from global to local, and how to consider effective courses of action relating to their own issues. At the same time participants will reflect their own context, thereby providing the possibility of dialogue amon participants from different cultures. More about edu-game and ordering

Democracy Academies

IAED organizes dialogue based democracy learning events where participants from different countries meet. This develops cross-cultural understanding - and contributes to the understanding of issues and institutional foundations of democracy at supranational levels.

Educator courses

The democracy educator courses are arranged for teachers and instructors at all levels in formal and informal education. The content is the theory and history of democracy; the globalization process and the multicultural challenges; participatory educational methodologies and innovative learning strategies. The education focuses on practical methodologies.